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PC Balance Unit (PCDI)

The Interspace Industries PCDI box eliminates hum problems when connecting audio from your presentation PC. Completely passive and bi-directional.

Being completely passive (no batteries or external power required) and bi-directional, PC Balance Box can match unbalanced and balanced audio sources, line to mic levels, stereo and mono signals, and troubleshoot hum problems - all in one versatile and rugged unit. The PC Balance Box is the simplest way to interface unbalanced computer or consumer audio signals to balanced AV sound systems.

PC Balance Unit (PCDI)

  • Technical Details

    • Input: 3.5mm Mini Jack Stereo Cable
    • Outputs: 2 x Male XLR
    • Control Switches:

                   Earth (Ground) lift

                   Stereo to Mono


  • Additional Information


  • Pricing & Hire Period

    This product is available to hire on a daily or weekly rate (weekly rate = 3 x daily hire charge).


    Price shown is the daily list price excluding VAT, please contact us for trade discounts.

  • Downloads

    Download the user manual here

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