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NL4 - 2 x NL2 Splitter Wired for D&B Subs and Tops

1 metre Speakon NL4 Splitter Cable with NL4FX Connectors. The input is wired using all 4 cores of the NL4 cable and is wired 1+, 1- and 2+, 2-. Output one is wired using the 1+ and 1- pin configurations and output 2 is wired using the 2+, 2- pin configurations. Used to run d&b systems such as E15x subs and E12 speakers as subs and tops down one length of NL4 cable.

NL4 - 2 x NL2 Splitter Wired for D&B Subs and Tops

  • Technical Details

    • NL4FX Connectors on NL4 cable
    • Input wired on all cores 1+, 1-, 2+, 2-
    • Output 1 uses cores 1 and 2 wired 1+, 1-
    • Output 2 uses cores 3 and 4 wired 2+, 2-
    • Allows you to run subs and tops as independent feeds down one NL4 cable (splitter needed at each end of cable)
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  • Pricing & Hire Period

    This product is available to hire on a daily or weekly rate (weekly rate = 3 x daily hire charge).


    Price shown is the daily list price excluding VAT, please contact us for trade discounts.

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