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DMX Buffer (Truss Mount)

LightProcessor Buffers are designed to protect against DMX line faults, incorrect connections and earth loops. Additionally they offer a means of Y-splitting a DMX signal and boosting DMX signals in very long cable runs.

DMX Buffer (Truss Mount)

  • Technical Details

    • 5 pin DMX input and loop through
    • 4 x 3 pin DMX Outputs individually isolated
    • 4 x 5 pin DMX Outtputs individually isolated
    • Truss mounted via Hook Clamp and Safety Bond
  • Additional Information


  • Pricing & Hire Period

    This product is available to hire on a weekly rate.


    Price shown is the weekly list price excluding VAT, please contact us for trade discounts.

  • Downloads

    Detailed manufacturer information can be found here (opens an external link)

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