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Catchbox Pro Throwable Radio Microphone (Green) Front View

Great for audience engagement at interactive events, The Catchbox Pro is a module, converting existing beltpack transmitters, or lavalier microphones, into throwable microphones. This means it is easy to integrate with any event that already has a working wireless microphone setup.

Users simply connect their existing beltpack transmitter into the Catchbox Pros built in mic and Automute electronics. Suitable to use with our Sennheiser radio mics.

Catchbox Pro Throwable Radio Microphone (Green)

  • Technical Details

    • Range up to 90m / 300ft
    • Audience size up to 2000
    • Requires Lapel Mic Transmitter
    • Adapter Cables provided:

                  3.5mm jack (Sennheiser)

                  4 pin mini XLR (Shure)

                  3 pin mini XLR (AKG)

    • Uses 1 x AA Battery (>20h Battery life)
    • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 18cm
  • Additional Information

    Catchbox Cover can be custom branded with your logo (not included)

  • Pricing & Hire Period

    This product is available to hire on a daily or weekly rate (weekly rate = 3 x daily hire charge).


    Price shown is the daily list price excluding VAT, please contact us for trade discounts.

  • Downloads

    Detailed manufacturer information can be found here (opens an external link)

    Download the user manual here

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