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Avolites Art2000 Power Cube Front View

The Avolite ART2000 Power Cube provides a complete solution to dimming, moving light power and data distribution. The ART2000 Power Cube controls up to 18 individual dimmer channels (12 dedicated and 6 shared) and can supply up to a further 12 channels of fixed power (6 dedicated and 6 shared) of 10A capacity. There are also two separate 16A utility outlets in the form of two CEE 16A sockets.

Avolites Art2000 Power Cube

  • Technical Details

    • 8 x Socapex Inputs (Paired)
    • 12 Dimmer Outputs @ 10 Amps
    • 6 Dedicated Mains Outputs @ 16 Amps
    • 6 Combined Dimmer/Mains Outputs @ 10 Amps
    • 2 x 16A Single Phase Auxiliary Outputs
    • Control:

                   1 x DMX Input

                   2 x DMX Outputs

                   1 x 100MB Ethernet

    • Large Graphics Screen and Cursor Control
    • Twelve Programmable Memories
    • Power Inputs: 63A 3 Phase Plug on 1mtr Cable
  • Additional Information


  • Pricing & Hire Period

    This product is available to hire on a weekly rate.


    Price shown is the weekly list price excluding VAT, please contact us for trade discounts.

  • Downloads

    Detailed manufacturer information can be found here (opens an external link)

    Download the user manual here

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